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We had a wonderful time in Tibet. We have learned a lot about this unique destination because of the wonderful guide Degyi who is so knowledge and always available towards our tours. We stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel Lhasa, and we would never imagine a Tibet travel could be so nice and amazing without the help of Degyi.

Also, thanks a lot to our Tibetan driver Mr.Wongdun for his safe driving and a good sense of service along the way.

We shall return Tibet in the near future!

P.B. and A. A - Europe
Tibet Travel

June 2018 (Private Tibet Journey from Kathmandu)

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  You are here: Home > Off The Beaten Track > Trekking and Hiking Tours > Trekking from Lugu Lake to Yading
Trekking from Lugu Lake to Yading Tour Name:         Trekking from Lugu Lake to Yading
Tour Code:          M69D325
Duration:            18 Days & 17 Nights
Destination:        Lijiang, Lugu Lake, trek to Yading, Yading, Litang, Danba, Chengdu
Features:            The trek from Lugu Lake to Yading is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful trekking routes in China. The trek follows the footprints of Joseph Rock, an Austrian-American explorer, botanist, and anthropologist who traveled extensively in Yunnan and Sichuan in the first half of the 20th century. An entirely singular experience, this trek combines an awe-inspiring beauty with an ancient mystique in a wilderness experience like no other. During the trek you will pass through tranquil villages and meet people of various ethnic minorities such as the Mosuo, Mongolian, Yis and Tibetan. From deep cut valleys to high rangeland, you will get to Yading to admire the sacred lakes and three holy mountains of Tibetan Buddhism: Chenresig (Avalokitesvara, 6032m), Jambeyang (Manjusri, 5958m), and Chanadorje (Vajrapani, 5958m).
Departure Date:
 May to October
Tour Price:          From $ P.P

Trip Summary

Detailed Itinerary

Dates & Prices

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 Tours & Services





Arrive in Lijiang, be met and transferred to hotel. N/A Wangfu Hotel


 Lijiang - Lugu Lake

Transferred to Lugu Lake, boat tour on the lake. B, L, D Silver Lake Island Hotel


Lugu Lake - Lijiazui

Drive to Yongning, and walk to Lijiazui Village. B, L, D  Camping Tent


 Lijiazui - Yangpeng

Hike to Yangpeng for 6hrs. B, L, D  Camping Tent


 Yangpeng - Rangeland

Trek to Rangeland via DaKeGuDuo Pass. B, L, D  Camping Tent

 Rangeland - Quer

Trek to Quer Meadow for approx. 5hrs. B, L, D  Camping Tent

Quer - Qiongyin

Trek via Tasi Pass and primitive forest descend to Qiongyin Village. B, L, D  Camping Tent

 Qiongyin - Ludu

Walk through Qiongyin Village and cross Qingyin Pass, descend to Ludu Village.  B, L, D  Camping Tent

 Ludu - Gold Mine

Trek along Tiantian River and through Dulu Village to Gold Mine (Jinkuang). B, L, D  Camping Tent

 Gold Mine - Galu

Get cross the Baishui River and ascend to Galu Village.  B, L, D  Camping Tent

 Galu - Galu Ranch

Take a strenuous walking up to Galu Ranch. B, L, D  Camping Tent

 Galu Ranch - Luorong

Trek cross the highest Risa Mountain Pass to Luorong Pasture, view Chanadorje snowy peak. B, L, D  Camping Tent

 Luorong - Yading

Walk to Tshonggo Gompa and visit lakes and viewing Chenresig and Jambeyang, exit Yading Reserve to Yading Village. B, L, D  Local Hotel

 Yading - Litang

Transferred to Litang and visit Bangpu Temple, visit Litang Monastery in Litang.  B, L, D  Highland Hotel

 Litang - Xinduqiao

Drive to Xinduqiao and explore the nearby areas on arrival. B, L, D  Local Hotel

 Xinduqiao - Danba

Leave for Danba, en route visit Lhagong Monastery, visit Jiaju Village in Danba, stay at local villager's home. B, L, D  Homestay in Village

 Danda - Chengdu 

Visit Suopo Village and transferred back Chengdu later of the day. B, L  Buddha Zen Hotel


Transferred to airport for your departure flight. Trip ends.  B  N/A

Day01 Arrival Lijiang
Today you arrive in Lijiang in northwest Yunnan Province. Greeted and received by your local guide who will escort you to your hotel. The rest of day is at your own disposal.

Day02 LijiaLijiang - Lugu Lake (B, L, D)Lugu Lake borders Sichuan and Yunnan Province
Today you will head for the beautiful Lugu Lake by bus in the morning. You will meet the Mosuo people and feel their unique custom. Dinner will be followed by a bonfire evening party. Lugu Lake is a high mountain plateau lake, 2685 meters above sea level, located 202km northeast of Lijiang on the border of Sichuan and Yunnan. The lake is 48.5 square kilometers and is quite deep, being about 93.5m at its deepest point. It is surrounded by mountains and has eight islands and many bays and beaches. The inhabitants around the lake are the Mosuo people, a small tribe that is considered a sub clan of Naxi people. The Mosuo culture is most frequently described as a matriarchal one. Upon arrival Lugu Lake, you will have a boat trip to enjoy the charming sights of the Lake.

Day03 Lugu Lake - Lijiazui (B, L, D)Lugu Lake,Sichuan
This morning you will drive to Yongning (Wenquan) from where you will meet with local trek crew and start the trekking towards Yading. The first 2 hours is a uphill climbing and after that you will descend slightly down for a lunch break, afterwards the trail continues up to 3140m which is the highest point you reach today, then you will walking through the pine forest, before descending to LiJiaZui Village, a small village set in a valley surrounded with greenery. The camp today is a farther 45mins away from the village. Camping for the night

Day04 Trek Lijiazui - Yangpeng (B, L, D)Trek towards Yading from Lugu Lake
You walk along the dirt road for 3 hours before reaching the trailhead. Turn off from the road and follow the trail up the steep slope for another 2 hours. You will then join the road again and follow the road gradually upslope for another 2 hours before reaching camp at Yangpeng. Camping for the night

Day05 Trek to Rangeland (B, L, D)Trekking from Lugu Lake to Yading Natural Reserve in Sichuan
Today's walking is 7 hours and mostly uphill, getting more difficult as the altitude increases from now on. In the morning you depart from Quer Yak-shed and follow the trail uphill into the woods. The light yellow Chinese Usneas hangs on all the trees and floats with the wind, making for remarkable scenery. Have a lunch break at Cixi Yak-shed, then you will continue walking up to the Cixi Mountain Pass (4,110m) where you could admire a fantastic view of the entire valley. From the mountain pass, you shall descend into a valley and head for the Old Rangeland where all of the inhabitants are nomads who are quite hospitable. Set up camp to enjoy some free time. Camping for the night

Day06 Trek Rangeland - Quer (B, L, D)Walking heading for Yading
You will trek to Quer today. In the morning you will depart for the Quer Mountain Pass (4,300m). The first three hours walking takes up to the path. On the northern slope of Mount Quer, the colors of the trees and bushes in the fall are amazing. You will descend to the valley until reach a nice meadow where will be the camp today. Camping for the night

Day07 Trek to QiongYin village (B, L, D)Trekking towards Yading Natural Reserve in Sichuan
The morning part of the trail is undulating. You descend from 4200m down to 4000m and rek along the contour of the mountain back to 4240m in about 4 hours. Lunch point is at a nice open patio next to a wooden shed. After lunch, it is a steep descend for about 3hrs, all the way down to 3100m. The campsite is located on a large open grass patch next to a stream. You will trek 7 hours today. Camping  for the night

Day08 Trek to Ludu (B, L, D)On the way to Yading Natural Reserve in Sichuan
Today you will walk through Qiongyin Village and cross Qingyin Pass, and descend to Ludu Village. For the three hours you will be going uphill to the Qiongyi Mountain Pass (4,100m), the hike is quite demanding but it is well rewarded by the stunning view of the lush valley and cloud-capped mountain peaks. You have another 5hrs for the descending to Ludu Village. Camping for the night

Day09 Trek towards Gold Mine (B, L, D)Trekking from Lugu Lake towards Yading in Sichuan
Trek along Tiantian River and through Dulu Village to the Gold Mine (Jinkuang). You walk downhill for 50 minutes to the village of Tongtianhe that is located in the Luoshui River Valley, you can then walk on flat road for 2 hours, and after that you shall walk up a gentle slope to have lunch break. In the afternoon you hike towards Jinkuang (Gold Mine). The camp tonight is by a river. Camping for the night

Day10 Trek to Galu Village (B, L, D)Trek to Yading Natural Reserve,Sichuan
It is a short walking lasts approx. 4 hours. You leave the camp and further into the valley alongside the White Water River. On the way you could see the stunning snow capped mountain peaks. In the early afternoon you will reach a big Tibetan village by the name of Galu. Set up camp and enjoy the balance of day. Camping for the night

Day11 Trek towards Galu Ranch (B, L, D)Yading Natural Reserve,Sichuan,China
Take a strenuous walking up to Galu Ranch. It is a 7hr walking. The trail takes you to higher places and you find decrease of woods while bushes and pasture become here and there. The first 4 hours is generally ascending and the rest 3 hours getting much easier to down to the camp. Camping for the night

Day12 Trek to Luorong Pasture (B, L, D)Luorong Pasture,Yading Natural Reserve,Sichuan
Trek cross the highest Risa Mountain Pass to Luorong Pasture, view Chanadorje snowy peak before descending to Luorong in Yading Natural Reserve. You will climb about 450m up to the Chanadorje high-pass. It takes about 2hrs. After crossing the pass, it is a sharp descending into Yading. You should look out for the split junction after you trek for about 2-3hr. Take a right to Luorong Pasture and viewing the snowy peaks of Chenresig and Jambeyang when weather is good. Camping for the night

Day13 Trek to Yading Village (B, L, D)Yading Natural Reserve,Kham
Walk to Tshonggo Gompa and visit lakes and viewing Chenresig and Jambeyang. The Tshonggo Gompa (Chonggu Si in Chinese) is an old Tibetan temple once Joseph Rock had stayed here during his expedition from Lijiang to Yading in the early 20th century. Later of the day you will leave the natural reserve and get to Yading village for the night.

Day14 Yading - Litang (B, L, D)Drive from Yading to Litang,Kham
In the morning you drive to Litang via Mt. Haizi Shan, a right place to study the structure of terrain and the formation of glacier. On the way visit the Bangpu Si, the oldest temple in Daocheng, which has over 900 years history. Upon arrival Litang you will visit Litang monastery lying in the western suburbs of the city. The monastery was originally under the control of the Bon religion but converted into a Gelug Sect monastery in 1580 in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) by the third Dalai Lama.

Day15 Litang - Xinduqiao (B, L, D)Xinduqiao Village in Kham,Sichuan
The road from Lithang to Xinduqiao is quite bumpy but the scenery on the road is magnificent. After about 5 hours on the National Highway 318, you we get to the town of Yajiang which was built on a steep slope of a mountain by Yarlong River, a tributary of the Yangtze. You will have lunch in the town and continue on to Xinduqiao (Dongeluo in Tibetan). The area from Xinduqiao to Tsedo Mountain is considered to be the "Paradise of Photography" by many Chinese photographers due to its amazing pristine scenery.

Day16 Xinduqiao - Danba (B, L, D)Tagong Monastery,Kham,Sichuan
In the morning you head out for Danba. At Tagong where you will visit the Lamasery Tagong Monastery. If weather is good you could have chance to take a good photo to the holy mountain Yala from a higher terrace at Tagong. Keep driving to Danba and spend some good time at the Jiaju Village. Jiaju, 10 kilometers away from the county city, is one of the rare places in China that has preserved complete Tibetan style residences. More than one hundred buildings keep the same architectural style with a complete and unique character of Jiarong (Gyarong) Tibetan residences. Under the blue sky, the Tibetan residences decorated in red, white and black are strewed at random but also in order from the bottom to the middle slope of the valley.

Day17 Danba - Chengdu (B, L)Jiaju Tibetan Village,Danba,Sichuan
Enjoy sunrise at Jiaju Village. Then you will depart for Chengdu. On the way you will take photos at Suopo Village. They were made of clay and block and look fine from outside with solid thick walls. Later in the afternoon you will reach Chengdu and enjoy leisure time.

Day18 Depart Chengdu (B)
Free and transfer to airport for departure flight. End of your journey.

Tour costing varies upon group size, travel season and hotel accommodation levels etc. For price details please email us at info@splendidchinatours.com.

Price inclusions:
01). All accommodations based on two persons sharing one room/tent (single occupancy is subject to supplement);
02). China internal flights with airport tax or train as stated in the program;
03). Round-trip transfers between airports or railway stations, hotels, and scenic spots in each city by private air-conditioned vehicles with experienced licensed drivers;
04). All admission fees and activity expenses as listed in the itinerary;
05). Daily meals as specified in the itinerary: B denotes breakfast, L denotes lunch, and D denotes dinner (SD signifies special dinner);
06). Services of a seasoned English speaking local trek guide during the walking and for culture visits in the itinerary (other languages can be arranged upon request, supplement may apply);
07). Adequate packing animals such as horses/or yaks and porters for baggages/outdoor gears during the trekking;
08). Professional outdoor sleeping tents with mattress during the trekking (twin shared basis);
09). Kitchen tent, toilet tent and folding table and chairs during the camping days;
10). Three meals a day prepared by professional outdoor cook during the walking;
). Travel Agency Liability Insurance during the tour;
12). Governmental taxes and fees.

Price excluded:
01). International airfare to/from China;
02). Chinese Visa fees;
03). Expenses of personal natural such as laundry, telephone, drinks, mini bar etc;
04). Personal shopping, optional activities and excess baggage charges;
05). Gratuities for local tour guides, drivers and hotel bellboy etc;
06). Sleeping bags and other personal trekking gears;
07). International travel insurance;
08). Services and activities that are not mentioned in the itinerary.

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